Egg Bank

Egg Banking plc was a British internet bank located in Derby. Currently it is a registered trademark of Yorkshire Building Society, one of the UK's largest building societies with mortgage balances of over £33 billion. Egg was founded in 1998 and was one of the largest internet banks in the world. It served over 3 million customers and offered credit cards, insurance and savings products, mortgages as well as an aggregation service (Egg Money Manager).

In 2007, Egg was acquired by Citigroup from the UK life assurance company Prudential.
In 2011, Yorkshire Building Society bought the mortgage and savings business of Egg Banking as well as the Egg brand from Citigroup. Citi also sold the Egg credit cards business to Barclays Bank in March 2011.

Yorkshire Building Society
Yorkshire House, Yorkshire Drive
Bradford, BD5 8LJ
United Kingdom