Alpha Bank Hellenic Bank National Bank of Greece Piraeus Bank
Alpha Bank Hellenic Bank National Bank Piraeus Bank

Alpha Bank – One of the leading financial institutions in Greece with a market value of approximately EUR 2.4 billion (June 30, 2016) and total assets of EUR 67.3 billion.  Alpha Bank acquired the entire share capital of Emporiki Bank in 2013 and completed acquisition of Citibank’s Greek retail banking operations in 2014. The Bank is controlled by the Costopoulos family.

Agricultural Bank of Greece (ATEbank) was established in 1929 and operated over 470 branches and 870 ATMs nationwide. The license of the ATEbank was revoked in 2012 and Piraeus Bank acquired the “healthy part” of the Agricultural Bank of Greece.

Attica Bank – A Greece-based banking and financial institution. The company was founded in 1925 and operates over 85 branches across the country. The Attica's main shareholder is the Pension Fund of the Engineers and Public Works Contractors. As of March 2015, the Bank had EUR 3.880 billion in total assets.

Bank of Cyprus – The leading Cypriot banking and financial services group. The Bank operates about 360 branches in Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, the UK and Channel Islands. In 2013, the Greek branches of the bank were sold to Piraeus Bank. As of June 30, 2015, the company had total assets of EUR 25.382 billion.

Citibank Greece – One the largest card issuers in Greece and one of the first to introduce investment products to the Greek market. In 2014, Citibank sold its consumer-banking business in Greece, including Diners Club of Greece, to Alpha Bank.

Eurobank Ergasias – One of the three largest banks in Greece with total assets of EUR 77.5 billion. The Bank has operations in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus, Poland, Ukraine, the UK and Luxembourg. Eurobank has over 930 branches and 16,760 employees (June 2015).

Emporiki Bank was commercial bank established in 1907. The Bank operated as a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Croup. In February 2013, Credit Agricole S.A. sold Greek banking arm Emporiki to Alpha Bank for a symbolic 1 euro.

First Business Bank SA (FBBank) was established in 2001 and operated over 20 retail branches. In 2013 the license of FBBank was revoked and its assets and liabilities were acquired by National Bank of Greece.

Geniki Bank was part of Societe Generale Group since 2004. In 2012, Geniki Bank was sold to Piraeus Bank.

Hellenic Bank – One of the largest banking and financial institutions in Cyprus with a 14% share of deposits and 7% of the loans market. It has over 60 domestic branches and employs about 1,400 people. It also has representative offices in Johannesburg (South Africa) and Moscow (Russia). In 2013 Hellenic Bank sold its Greek branches to Piraeus Bank.

HSBC Bank (Greece) provides banking services to retail, corporate and institutional clients. The company’s assets amounted to EUR 3.5 billion as of August 2015.

Marfin Egnatia Bank was a subsidiary of Cyprus Popular Bank (known as Laiki Bank Group). In 2013 CPB sold its Greek branches to Piraeus Bank.

Millennium Bank Greece (MBG) (formerly Nova Bank) was established in 2000 and operated as a subsidiary of the Millennium BCP (Banco Comercial Português). Millennium Bank was acquired by Piraeus Bank in April 2013. Barclays Bank plc (through its investment bank), Deutsche Bank (London Branch), and Lazard Freres were acting as financial advisors to Piraeus Bank for the transaction.

National Bank of Greece (NBG) – The oldest and largest Greek bank with about 530 domestic branches and 1,385 ΑΤΜs. As of December 31, 2015, NBG had total assets EUR 111.232 billion and customer deposits of EUR 43 billion. NBG's market capitalization is EUR 2.4 billion (April 29, 2016).

Panellinia Bank – A small cooperative bank founded in 2001. It operated about 30 branches and 30 ATMs. In April 2015, The Bank’s license was revoked and Piraeus Bank absorbed the "good" part of Panellinia Bank S.A.

Piraeus Bank – The leading Bank in Greece with 30% market share in terms of loans and 28% of deposits. As of March 2015, the customer deposits were approximately EUR 46.5 billion, net loans of EUR 55.7 billion and total assets of EUR 88.5 billion.

Probank S.A. was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Athens, Greece. It was acquired by National Bank of Greece in July 2013.

Proton Bank S.A. was established in 2001 and was nationalized by the Greek government in 2011. All deposits and healthy assets of the old Proton Bank were transferred to the newly established New Proton Bank S.A. In 2013, Eurobank Ergasias acquired New Proton Bank. Barclays Bank and Deutsche Bank acted as financial advisers to Eurobank.

T Bank (formerly known as Aspis Bank) was founded in 1992 and operated as a subsidiary of TT Hellenic Postbank. In 2013, Eurobank Ergasias acquired TT Hellenic Postbank.

TT Hellenic Postbank was founded in 1900 in Crete. It was formerly known as Greek Postal Savings Bank and changed its name in 2008. In August 2013, it was acquired by Eurobank Ergasias, the third largest bank in Greece by assets.