Swedbank office

Swedbank AB (formerly Föreningssparbanken) (OMX: SWED) is the largest bank in Sweden by number of customers as well as one of the largest banking groups in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. With more than 14,000 employees, it serves over 7 million retail and 650,000 corporate customers through about 240 branches in Sweden and over 140 branches in the Baltic countries. Swedbank also has a presence in Denmark, Finland, Norway, USA, China, Luxembourg and South Africa. In the United States, it operates through a branch in New York and two subsidiaries, Swedbank Securities US, and Ektornet US LLC. As of March 31, 2017, the company had SEK 2.489 trillion (US$284 billion) in total assets and SEK 1.564 trillion (US$178 billion) in total loans.

 Credit Ratings (June 2017)

  Moody's S & P's Fitch
Long-term Aa3 AA- A+
Short-term P-1 A-1+ F1+

Swedbank history

1820 - The first Swedish savings bank was founded in Gothenburg.
1915 - The first Swedish agricultural cooperative bank was founded in Stockholm.
1942 - Sparbankernas Bank (The Savings Banks' Bank) was established as the various savings banks’ central bank.
1958 - Jordbrukets Bank (The Bank of Agriculture) was established as the farming cooperative credit societies’ central bank.
1991 - 12 regional agricultural cooperative banks merged to form Föreningsbanken (Union Bank).
1991 - Hansabank was founded in Estonia.
1992 - The merger of 11 regional savings banks formed Sparbanken Sverige.
1994 - Föreningsbanken was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
1995 - Sparbanken Sverige shares were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
1995 - Hansabank commenced operations in Latvia.
1996 - Hansabank acquired 100 percent of Deutsche-Lettische Bank in Latvia.
1996 - Hansabank commenced operations in Lithuania.
1997 - FöreningsSparbanken was formed through the merger of Sparbanken Sverige and Föreningsbanken.
1997 - Hansabank acquired a stake in Hoiupank.
1999 - Swedbank acquired more than 50 percent of Hansabank.
2002 - Hansabank commenced operations in Russia.
2004 - Hansabank acquired Kvest bank in Moscow.
2005 - Swedbank acquired 100 percent of Hansabank.
2006 - The Annual General Meeting decides to change the bank’s name to Swedbank.
2007 - Swedbank enters Ukraine through the acquisition of TAS-Kommerzbank (TAS).
2013 - The Group discontinues operations in Russia and Ukraine.
2014 - Swedbank acquired all outstanding shares in Sparbanken Öresund.

Swedbank International branches

Head office address:
Landsvägen 40
172 63 Sundbyberg
Phone: +46-8-585 900 00
Fax: +46-8-796 80 92
Swift code: SWEDSESS
Website: www.swedbank.se, www.swedbank.com

Swedbank New York Branch
One Penn Plaza, 15th Floor
New York, New York 10119
United States