Svenska Handelsbanken
Handelsbanken headquarters in Stockholm  

Svenska Handelsbanken AB is one of the Big Four banks in Sweden along with Nordea, SEB and Swedbank. It is one of the leading financial institutions in the Nordic countries and the most cost-effective bank in Europe. It has the highest credit ratings of all Nordic banks. The company was established in 1871 as “Stockholms Handelsbank” and was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1873. With approximately 11,000 employees, Handelsbanken is a full-service bank for both personal and corporate customers. It operates through a network of more than 800 branches in over 20 countries including over 430 branches in Sweden, 206 branches in the UK, 57 branches in Denmark, 50 branches in Norway, 45 branches in Finland and 25 branches in the Netherlands. It also has a branch in New York and offers a wide range of services to corporate and institutional customers in the U.S. and Canada. The Bank has recently opened up in the Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania following the same decentralized model it uses in its core markets. Handelsbanken’s goal is to have higher profitability than the average of peer banks in its home markets. As of December 31, 2016, it had total assets of SEK 2.628 trillion (US$300 billion), deposits from the public of SEK 829.3 billion and loans of SEK 1.964 trillion including SEK 1.2 trillion in mortgage loans. Handelsbanken has more satisfied private and corporate customers than the average for the banking sector according to Swedish Quality Index. It was named the safest bank in the Nordic region by Global Finance magazine. As of June 7, 2017, Svenska Handelsbanken had a market capitalization of US$27 billion.

Handelsbanken Awards:
Business Bank of the Year
Most satisfied Private Banking customers
ServiceScore 2016
SKI – Customer satisfaction
Sweden’s Small Enterprise Bank

Handelsbanken Subsidiaries:
Handelsbanken Finans
Handelsbanken Fonder
Xact Kaptialförvaltning
Handelsbanken Liv

 Financials (SEK billion)

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009
Total assets 2,628 2,522 2,817 2,485 2,384 2,454 2,154 2,123
Loans to the public 1,963 1,866 1,808 1,696 1,680 1,591 1,514 1,496
Deposits 829.336 753.855 1,022 825.205 682.223 724.888 564.142 564.048
Profit for the year 16.245 16.343 15.184 14.295 14.038 12.323 11.025 10.244
Head office address:
Kungsträdgardsgatan 2
Stockholm, SE-106 70
Phone number: +46 8 701 10 00

Handelsbanken International Branches

UK Head Office:
3 Thomas More Square
London, E1W 1WY
United Kingdom

USA office:
875 Third Avenue
4th Floor, New York
NY 10022-7218, USA