Skandiabanken AB is the top internet retail bank for customers in Sweden. With over 300 employees and 450,000 customers, it has one office in Stockholm and conducts the rest of its business over internet and telephone.

Skandiabanken operates as a subsidiary of Scandia Group, a Swedish banking and insurance company with approximately 2.5 million customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In 2006, South African/British financial group Old Mutual acquired the Scandia, which was subsequently delisted from the Stockholm and London stock exchanges. In 2007, the Danish branch of Skandiabanken was sold to Eik Bank Danmark. Skandiabanken proudly accepted awards as “Market challenger of the year” and “Best mobile bank” in Sweden. The company was established in 1994 and provides a wide array of banking products and services including transaction and savings accounts, mortgages, personal and car loans, lines of credit, credit and debit cards, investment products as well as services for equity trading and fund trading.

 Skandiabanken AB (SEK m)

  6/2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010
Total assets 62,322 58,858 115,107 98,597 84,638 76,69 68,002
Lending to the general public 52,394 46,608 95,558 77,894 60,011 53,393 53,985
Deposits 37,612 35,911 79,518 75,677 77,365 71,302 62,969

Skandiabanken in Norway

Skandiabanken ASA, the leading Internet bank in Norway, was established in April 2000 as Norway's first pure Internet bank for private customers. In 2015, the Norwegian banking business in Skandiabanken AB was transferred to Skandiabanken ASA and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Skandiabanken Boligkreditt AS. On October 30, 2015, Skandiabanken ASA (ticker SKBN) announced the successful completion of its initial public offering (IPO). As of March 17, 2017, the company’s market capitalization was NOK 7.6 billion. Skandiabanken ASA has about 400,000 customers, NOK 71.2 billion in assets and NOK 63.5 billion in loans. It is Norway’s #1 retail bank measured by reputation and customer satisfaction

Skandiabanken AB
Head office address
Kungsgatan 28
106 55 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: 0771-55 55 00

Skandiabanken ASA
Folke Bernadottes vei 38
5147 Fyllingsdalen
Phone: 47 810 01 001