Below is a list of the leading mortgage lenders in the United States.

With a market share of approximately 13%, Wells Fargo is the largest mortgage lender in the nation. In 2016, it reported mortgage loan originations of $249 billion. The company is also America's largest mortgage servicer with total managed servicing portfolio of $2.179 trillion of which residential mortgage servicing of $1.56 trillion and commercial mortgage servicing of $619 billion. Chase is the nation's second largest residential mortgage lender. It services over 7 million mortgage and home equity loans and serves over 21 million households with consumer banking relationships. During 2016, Chase's mortgage origination volume totaled $103.6 billion and total mortgage servicing portfolio amounted to $847 billion. Quicken Loans, a nonbank lender headquartered in Detroit, is the largest online retail mortgage lender in the US. It is the highest in customer satisfaction for Primary Mortgage Origination according to J.D. Power.

Top 5 U.S. Mortgage Lenders 2016

Rank Mortgage Lender Residential Mortgage originations ($b)
1 Wells Fargo $249
2 Chase $104
3 Quicken Loans $96.0
4 Bank of America $79.4
5 U.S. Bank $57.3

Source: Financial Reports

 Top Mortgage Lenders 2015

Rank Mortgage Lender Mortgage originations ($b) Market share
1 Wells Fargo $213 billion 13.0%
2 Chase $106 billion 6.3%
3 Quicken Loans $79 billion 4.7%
4 U.S. Bank $71 billion 4.2%
5 Bank of America $70 billion 4.2%
Rank Mortgage Lender Servicing Portfolio ($b)
1 Wells Fargo $1,645
2 Chase $910.1
3 Bank of America $565
4 Nationstar Mortgage $398
5 U.S. Bank $302

Top 10 Best Mortgage Lenders

Bank of America
Citigroup Inc
Flagstar Bancorp
Nationstar Mortgage
PHH Mortgage
Quicken Loans
U.S. Bank
Wells Fargo