Swedbank office in Riga  

Swedbank AB (formerly Föreningssparbanken) (OMX: SWED) is one of the largest banking groups in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Sweden’s largest bank in terms of number of customers. With over 13,500 employees, it serves over 7 million retail and 600,000 corporate customers and has more than 270 branches in Sweden and over 140 branches in the Baltic countries. Swedbank also has a presence in Denmark, Finland, Norway, the US, China, Luxembour and South Africa. In the United States, the Bank has a branch in New York and two subsidiaries, Swedbank Securities US, and Ektornet US LLC. As of December 31, 2015, the Group had SEK 2.149 trillion (US$255 billion) in total assets and SEK 1.5 trillion (US$178 billion) in loans.

 Credit Ratings (March 2016)

  Moody's S & P's Fitch
Long-term Aa3 AA- A+
Short-term P-1 A-1+ F1

Swedbank history

1820 - The first Swedish savings bank was founded in Gothenburg.
1915 - The first Swedish agricultural cooperative bank was founded in Stockholm.
1942 - Sparbankernas Bank (The Savings Banks' Bank) was established as the various savings banks’ central bank.
1958 - Jordbrukets Bank (The Bank of Agriculture) was established as the farming cooperative credit societies’ central bank.
1991 - 12 regional agricultural cooperative banks merged to form Föreningsbanken (Union Bank).
1991 - Hansabank was founded in Estonia.
1992 - The merger of 11 regional savings banks formed Sparbanken Sverige.
1994 - Föreningsbanken was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
1995 - Sparbanken Sverige shares were listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
1995 - Hansabank commenced operations in Latvia.
1996 - Hansabank acquired 100 percent of Deutsche-Lettische Bank in Latvia.
1996 - Hansabank commenced operations in Lithuania.
1997 - FöreningsSparbanken was formed through the merger of Sparbanken Sverige and Föreningsbanken.
1997 - Hansabank acquired a stake in Hoiupank.
1999 - Swedbank acquired more than 50 percent of Hansabank.
2002 - Hansabank commenced operations in Russia.
2004 - Hansabank acquired Kvest bank in Moscow.
2005 - Swedbank acquired 100 percent of Hansabank.
2006 - The Annual General Meeting decides to change the bank’s name to Swedbank.
2007 - Swedbank enters Ukraine through the acquisition of TAS-Kommerzbank (TAS).
2013 - The Group discontinues operations in Russia and Ukraine.
2014 - Swedbank acquired all outstanding shares in Sparbanken Öresund.

Swedbank International branches

Head office address:
Landsvägen 40
172 63 Sundbyberg
Phone: +46-8-585 900 00
Fax: +46-8-796 80 92
Swift code: SWEDSESS
Website: www.swedbank.se, www.swedbank.com

Swedbank New York Branch
One Penn Plaza, 15th Floor
New York, New York 10119
United States