Nordlandsbanken ASA is a Norwegian commercial bank established in 1893 and is headquartered in Bodø, the capital of Nordland country. The Bank operates as a subsidiary of DnB NOR which acquired the company in 2003. Nordlandsbanken provides a range of financial services including savings and investments, car and home loans, business loans, insurance, factoring, payment services, online banking and more. Nordlandsbanken has 18 branches across the North Norway region and employs about 300 people. As of September 30, 2011, the Bank had total assets of NOK 35.582 billion.

On October1, 2012, Nordlandsbanken merged with DNB. The reason for this step is that the Ministry of Finance no longer allows DNB to own and operate Nordlandsbanken as a separate bank. The name Nordlandsbanken will gradually disappear.

Head office address:
Moloveien 16
8002 Bodoe
Phone number:  (+47) 91 50 89 00