BN Bank ASA (formerly Bolig- og Næringsbanken) is a Norwegian commercial bank owned by a consortium of SpareBank1 Banks. The company  provides a wide array of financial services for personal and business customers including deposit products, personal and business loans, commercial real estate financing as well as online, mobile and phone banking. BN Bank is known as one of the best in Norway within savings products. It serves about 60,000 customers throughout Norway and employs over 100 people. BN Bank was established in 1961 and is headquartered in Trondheim, Norway. It also has a branch for commercial property in Oslo. In 2010, the company relocated its head office from Munkegata 21 to the new Sparebank block in Søndre gate. In 2011, the old head office was sold for NOK 36 million. In 2015, the BN Bank posted a profit after tax of NOK 281 million and total revenue of NOK 463 million. The company’s total assets and total deposits were NOK 32.642 billion and NOK 14.8 billion respectively, as of December 31, 2015.

BN Bank Subsidiaries:
BNkreditt AS (Bolig- og Næringskreditt AS) – A mortgage company established in 1998.
Collection Eiendom AS – The real estate company.
BN Boligkreditt AS – At December 31, 2012, all borrowings and lending had been transferred to SpareBank 1 Boligkreditt.

Head office address:
Søndre gate 10B
NO-7011 Trondheim
Phone number: 08020
(from abroad +47 73 89 20 00)

Kirkeveien 104C, 0361
Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 60 36 60