Berne eXchange

BX Berne eXchange, established in 1880, is the second largest stock exchange in Switzerland behind SIX Swiss Exchange. It focuses on Swiss small and mid-sized companies with the perspective of Swiss investors' needs. The Berne Exchange intends to position itself, among other things, as training ground for issuers not yet qualifying for the SIX Swiss. Unlike its competitors, BX did not participate in the 1995 merger that led to the creation of SIX Swiss Exchange. BX has retained the legal form of a private association under Swiss law, and its members are the major banks operating in Bern. BX Berne eXchange is owned by BX Swiss AG.

Trading Hours
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 16 pm

Aarbergergasse 36
3011 Bern
Phone number: +41 (0) 31 329 40 40