Danske Bank in Ireland

Danske Bank A/S, Irish Branch (formerly National Irish Bank) is a branch of the Danske Bank Group, the largest bank in Denmark and one of the strongest, best capitalized and most progressive banking groups in Europe. In October 2013, Danske Bank closed the personal and business banking operations in the Republic of Ireland. Currently, the Irish branch focuses on Corporate & Institutions business providing advisory services to large corporate and institutional clients. It offers treasury risk management, corporate advisory services, cash management, international trade finance and other services. The history of Danske Bank in Ireland began in 2005, when it bought National Irish Bank. In November 2012, National Irish Bank was rebranded to Danske Bank brand.

Head office address:
International House
3 Harbourmaster Place
Dublin 1
Phone number: +353 1484 0000
Website: www.danskebank.ie