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Dexia Bank

Dexia Credit Local (DCL) is the main operating entity of the Dexia Group, a public limited company under Belgian law. Dexia Group (owned by the Belgian and French States) has disposed of the majority of its operating entities, including Dexia Bank Belgium in 2011, Dexia RBC Investor Services, DenizBank and Dexia Banque Internationale in Luxembourg in 2012. The simplified group structure is comprised of Dexia SA and Dexia Crédit Local SA. With about 1,100 employees, Dexia Credit Local has an international presence in Ireland, the United States Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Israel.

Main subsidiaries of Dexia Credit Local:
Dexia CLF Banque SA
Dexia Crediop Ireland
Dexia Crediop S.p.a.
Dexia FP Holdings Inc.
Dexia Holdings Inc.
Dexia Israël Bank Ltd
Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG
Dexia LdG Banque S.A.
Dexia Sabadell SA
FSA Global Funding Ltd

Financials (June 2016)
Total assets: EUR 235.028 billion
Customer loans: EUR 127.823 billion
Total equity: EUR 2.223 billion
Net income: EUR -177 million (H1 2016)

Dexia Subsidiaries

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Dexia Crédit Local New York Branch
445 Park Avenue, 7th floor
New York, NY 10022, USA

Dexia Real Estate Capital Markets
445 Park Avenue, 7th floor
New York, NY 10022, USA