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WIR Bank head office in Basel  

WIR Bank

WIR Bank is a complementary currency system in Switzerland. It was established in 1934 by Werner Zimmermann and Paul Enz as a result of currency shortages after the stock market crash of 1929. The Bank was formerly known as WIR Economic Circle Cooperative and changed its name in 1998. WIR issues and manages a private currency, called the WIR Franc, which is used in combination with Swiss Franc to generate dual-currency transactions. The company serves small and medium-sized businesses as well as private customers. In addition to the WIR currency, it also offers banking services including current and savings accounts, mortgage and business loans and other services. WIR operates through a seven branches in Bern, Luzern, St.Gallen, Zürich, Lausanne and two agencies in Chur und Siders. It has over 60,000 members of which 45,000 small and medium enterprises. As of December 2016, WIR Bank had total assets of CHF 5.308 billion, loans of CHF 4.5 billion and customer deposits of CHF 3.9 billion.

Head office address:
Auberg 1
Basel, CH-4002
Phone number: 0848 947 947
Website: www.wir.ch

WIR Bank Genossenschaft
Riva Caccia 1
6900 Lugano

Helvetiastrasse 35
3000 Bern 6

3, rue du Simplon
1006 Lausanne

Obergrundstrasse 88
Postfach 4427
6002 Luzern 2 Universität

Blumenbergplatz 7
9000 St. Gallen

Rötelstrasse 37
8042 Zürich