Bank for International Settlements
BIS headquarters in Basel  

Bank for International Settlements

Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international institution, which serves as a bank for central banks and fosters international monetary and financial cooperation. The BIS has 60 member central banks and employs over 630 people from 58 countries. Founded in 1930, it is the world's oldest international financial organization. It was created at the Hague Conference that dealt with the issue of German war reparation payments arising from the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. Bank for International Settlements provides a broad range of financial services specifically designed to assist central banks and other official monetary institutions in the management of their foreign exchange and gold reserves. It also offers a range of asset management services in sovereign securities or high-grade assets. The Bank's Statutes do not allow the Bank to open current accounts in the name of, or make advances to, governments. The size of the BIS balance sheet is driven by deposits from customers. As of March 31, 2016, it had total assets of over SDR 231 billion and deposits (excluding repurchase agreements) of SDR 189 billion. Gold deposits reached SDR 10 billion. Moreover, the Bank has 104 tonnes of fine gold in its investment portfolio. The BIS assets include government and quasi-government securities and investments with commercial banks. The Bank is headquartered in Basel with representative offices in Hong Kong and Mexico City.

Head office address:
Centralbahnplatz 2
Basel, Switzerland
Phone number: +41 61 280 8080
Fax: +41 61 280 9100

Hong Kong office:
78th floor, Two International Finance Centre
8 Finance Street, Central
Hong Kong
Phone: (+852) 2878 7100

Mexico office:
Torre Chapultepec
Rubén Darío 281 - 17th floor
Col. Bosque de Chapultepec
Del. Miguel Hidalgo
11580 México, D.F., México
Phone: (+52) 55 91380290