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Caja Madrid was the oldest savings bank in Spain founded on December 3, 1702. With total assets of over EUR 189 billion, it served 7 million customers through a network of more than 2,000 branches. The Group’s main business was retail banking for individuals as well as wholesale banking for small and medium-sized enterprises and corporates. In 2009, Caja Madrid acquired a new headquarters known as Caja Madrid Tower.

In July 2010, Caja Madrid signed an integration contract with other six Spanish savings banks to form banking conglomerate Bankia S.A. The distribution of shares was as follows:

Caja Madrid - 52.1 %
Bancaja - 37.7%
La Caja de Canarias - 2.5%
Caja de Ávila - 2.3%
Caixa Laietana - 2.1%
Caja Segovia - 2.0%
Caja Rioja - 1.3%

Head office address:
Paseo de la Castellana 189
28046 Madrid