AEGON, The Hague  

AEGON Bank N.V. is wholly-owned subsidiary of Aegon Nederland N.V. and operates under two brands: Aegon Bank, an online retail bank, and KNAB, a new online banking initiative for retail and self-employed clients. AEGON Bank offers current and savings accounts, mortgage and private loans, investment and pension products and insurance services. The Bank focuses on the income and housing market. A main focus is reinforcing the Aegon pensions offerings. Aegon is one of the top 5 lenders in the Dutch residential mortgage market. The company was formerly known as Spaarbeleg Bank and changed its name in 2007. AEGON Bank has developed an iPhone app that allows users to check their savings accounts.

Head office address:
Aegonplein 50
2591 TV Den Haag
PO Box 7160
3430 JD Nieuwegein
Phone: 088 344 03 44