Generali Group
Generali headquarters in Trieste  

Generali Group (Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A.) is the largest insurance group in Italy and one of the leading insurance companies globally, with more than EUR 70 billion in premium income. With approximately 77,000 employees, the Group operates in more than 60 countries and serves over 72 million customers. In Italy, France and Germany, Generali has a leading positions in insurance sales. The company is among the top groups in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Israel and Argentina. Besides Japan and Hong Kong, it has recently opened offices in India, Thailand, Philippines and China, where it has become one of the leading insurance groups in non-life business over a period of just a few years. Generali Group covers all insurance sectors from mass-risks to sophisticated industrial policies, or again from mere protection needs for households to complex requirements for international companies. In recent years, Generali has reinforced its business in the personal insurance sector, income capacity and savings management, in particular through the promotion of pension-based life products. Lately, the Group has expanded its business from insurance to the wide area of asset management and financial services. In this evolution process, it was decided to optimize the products and services offered and consequently a full-fledged bank structure was established, named Banca Generali. All international asset management activities were channeled into a series of specialized companies connected through a European network called Generali Investments. Generali shares were first listed in 1857 in the stock exchange of Trieste. Twenty years later, the company started to pay out dividends annually and since then, it never stopped, not even during the world wars or other serious international financial crises. The company was founded in 1831 and is headquartered in Trieste. As of December 31, 2015, Assicurazioni Generali had total assets under management of EUR 500 billion and gross written premiums of EUR 74.165 billion.

Credit Ratings (March 2016)
Moody's: Baa1, Outlook Stable
Fitch: A-, Outlook Stable
AM Best: A, Outlook Stable

Head office address:
Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi, 2
P.O.Box 538
34132 Trieste
Phone number: +39 040 671111