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Volksbank Wien AG
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Volksbank Wien AG (formerly Osterreichische Volksbanken-Aktiengesellschaft or VBAG) is the central institution of the Association of Volksbanks (VB-Verbund). It provides a wide range of personal and business products and services, and plays a leading role in Austrian economy for companies of every size – from SMEs to major corporations. The Association of Volksbanks currently includes 12 Regional Volksbanks and 3 specialized banks (Apothekerbank, Arztebank and Sparda Bank Austria). Volksbank Wien AG is the largest regional bank with over EUR 10 billion in assets.

With 4,400 employees, the Association operates around 500 branches and serves 93,000 commercial customers (mainly SMEs), 1.1 million private customers and over 700,000 members. As of September 30, 2016, the Association of Volksbanks had about EUR 20 billion in deposits and EUR 26.5 billion in customer loans.

In 2017, Regional Volksbanks will be merged into 8 larger Volksbanks. Specialized banks will be merged into 2 institutions.

Head office address:
Schottengasse 10
Vienna, 1010
Phone number: + 43 1 401 370
Website: www.volksbankwien.at