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BBVA Banco Frances

BBVA Banco Francés S.A. (NYSE: BFR, BCBA: FRAN, BMAD: XBRF) is an Argentina-based bank which operates as a subsidiary of Spanish financial group BBVA. As of May 2017, BBVA owned 76% of Banco Frances capital stock. With total assets of ARS184.364 billion as of March 31, 2017, BBVA Banco Francés is one of the main providers of financial and non-financial services to the different market segments. It offers savings and checking accounts, personal and business loans, mortgages, credit and debit cards, life and general insurance, asset management, online and mobile banking and other services. The Bank has about 730 ATMs, 790 self-service terminals and, as a member of the Banelco cooperative network, offers access to other 4,500 ATMs across Argentina. With over 6,250 employees, BBVA Banco Francés serves over 2.2 million retail and business customers (including over 19,300 companies and 743 large corporations) through a network of over 300 service points (251 of which are retail branches) across all of the 23 Argentine provinces as well as Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Subsidiaries (or affiliate companies):
BBVA Francés Valores S.A.
Consolidar AFJP. S.A. (under liquidation)
PSA Finance Argentina Cía Financiera S.A.
BBVA Francés Asset Management S.A.
Volkswagen Financial Services S.A.
Rombo Compania Financiera S.A.
BBVA Consolidar Seguros S.A.

BBVA Banco Francés History
Banco Frances, established in1886, is the oldest private bank in Argentina. For almost a century it provided banking services to large companies. During the 80's, the Bank expanded a network of branches across Argentina that enabled it to broaden its client base to include SMEs and individuals. In December 1996, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya S.A. (currently BBVA) acquired 99.9% of the capital stock of Otar S.R.L., majority shareholder of Sud América Inversiones which in turn owned 30% of the capital stock of Banco Frances. In 2000, Banco Francés S.A. changed its name to BBVA Banco Francés S.A.

Head office address:
Reconquista 199
Buenos Aires, C1003ABB
Republic of Argentina
Phone number: + 54 11 4346 4000