Intercontinental Bank

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Intercontinental Bank Plc, founded in 1989, was a commercial bank in Nigeria. It provided a wide range of financial services to retail and corporate customers through more than 350 branches. In October 2005 Intercontinental merged with other three commercial banks namely Equity Bank of Nigeria, Gateway Bank and Global Bank. As of March 2008, the Bank’s total assets amounted to 1.7 trillion naira.

In 2011, Access Bank plc acquired Intercontinental Bank, one of eight lenders bailed out by the central bank in 2009 after a debt crisis.

Intercontinental Securities Ltd
Intercontinental Bank Ghana Ltd
Intercontinental Finance and Investments Ltd
Intercontinental Bank United Kingdom
Intercontinental Homes Savings and Loans Ltd
Intercontinental Registrars Ltd
Intercontinental Capital Markets Ltd
Intercontinental Wapic Insurance
Intercontinental Properties Ltd
Intercontinental Trustees Ltd

Head office address:
Intercontinental Plaza
Danmole Street
Off Adeola Odeku/Idejo Street
Victoria Island, Lagos